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Co-curricular Activities are those which are undertaken side by side with curricular activities. A co-curricular activity essentially takes place outside a typical pen and pencil classroom experience. It gives the students an opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities. These activities might be compulsory, such as Yoga, the Bharat Scouts & Guides, Karate, Keyboard, Music’s, Dramas, and Art classes that takes place during the day.

Others generally are voluntary, such as participating in school sports team, debating team or student newsletters. In either case, participation can assist students in more than one ways.

It also professes coordination, adjustment andspeech fluency, extempore and debating skills amounst students. It teaches the students tostand up for their rights.

Co-curricular activities render a number of values like:

Education Value
Psychological Value
Development of Social Values
Physical Development Values
Recreational Values
Cultural Values

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