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"To impart education with emphasis on holistic development and growth to mold students for better tomorrow".

The aim of the school is to build up a strong young generation with a sound body, a well trained mind with habits and accomplishments conductive to a fuller, more purposeful and nobler life to blossom into an integrated personality.

To enable the children to face the society with full confidence in the field they are interested, so that they will work with full concentration and succeed.


1. Encourage all round Academics, Culture and Sports.
2. Satisfy the needs of Gifted as well as those with Learning Disabilities.
3. Have teachers as facilitators with high professional commitment reinforced through regular Professional Development Programs.
4. The students built confidence and established brand for themselves that enabled them to operate at the top, with ease.

THE CURRICULUM THROUGH ART was a method implemented in the past years where the students got to learn their syllabus